Tonight’s Dateline: America Votes

Tonight at 9.


30 on SBS ONE, as American voters wake up and head for the polls, Mark Davis and Yalda Hakim host a live edition of Dateline from the United States with insight and opinion from both experts and voters.

Nowhere demonstrates the close-run race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney more than Ohio… whoever wins there is expected to secure the keys to the White House. Mark Davis goes off the beaten track to talk to grassroots voters on both sides of the political divide about who they’re voting for and why.

Mark also presents the program from Washington DC, where he leads a feisty panel discussion with commentators and insiders locking horns over the key election issues for the Democrats and Republicans.

Yalda Hakim hosts from Obama’s home city of Chicago, where she visits some of the toughest neighbourhoods to find out what happened to the President’s promise to change America. Have their lives improved over his four year term?

And Aaron Lewis reports from Pennsylvania… another key state in the race. Four years ago, Dateline spoke to customers in a typical American diner as Barack Obama and John McCain faced the polls. Now we return to hear about the issues affecting their lives and to see who gets their support this time.

Throughout Tuesday’s program, Mark will also be getting more insight from the outspoken Arnie Arnesen, political commentator and a regular face in Dateline’s coverage of US elections. What does she make of it all?

See this in-depth preview of the hotly anticipated election tonight at 9.30pm on SBS ONE, and read more now on the Dateline website.

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