Katrina dead still being found

Firefighters discovered the latest body on Monday in a house that had been previously inspected and say it’s the second corpse to be found since recovery efforts resumed last Friday.

Steve Glynn, chief of special operations for the New Orleans Fire Department, said authorities could not determine the race or gender of the corpse pulled out of a house in the predominantly black Lower Ninth Ward.

“I don’t want to be too graphic,” Mr Glynn said. “But it was confusing at first.”

The official door-to-door search of New Orleans ended on October 3 with a death toll of 972.
However since then at least 131 more bodies have been found by officials, friends and family members and even by insurance inspectors.

Firefighters continued to search homes for a few more months, but had to stop in December when their funding ran out.

However the search for the thousands of people reported missing continues with the number of those who disappeared in the chaos of the mass evacuation following the storm, culled down to 1,900.

State officials believe about 400 of those are probably dead with many of those bodies washed away in the storm. However recovery workers have lists of names and last known addresses in the hope of recovering as many bodies as possible.

Searchers have said they expect to find many of the dead in the Ninth Ward, a poor neighborhood of some 5,600 homes, bounded by the Industrial Canal, the Mississippi River, swampland and the hurricane-ravaged suburb of St. Bernard Parish.

A slow process also continues for the coroner continuing to identify the remains of those pulled from the wreckage. So far 910 people have been examined at a special morgue at Carville, and of those 86 storm victims remain unidentified.

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